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DateSession Title and Topics (*speakers to be confirmed)Session Objectives
16-Mar-21European Regional Transport Security Series Overview and Current State of Affairs for Transport SecurityThis opening sessions is intended to
  • provide an introduction and overview of the virtual series;
  • describe event logistics, including virtual platform instructions, good practices, and privacy statement; and
  • discuss the current state of affairs of transport security for nuclear and other radioactive materials.

Preventing and Combatting Terrorism in Europe

This session is intended to promote awareness on preventing and combatting terrorism in Europe. The session will focus on major terrorist threats that impact the European markets and supply chain, current trends from an intelligence perspective, and potential issues.

13-Apr-21Cargo Theft: The Impact of Criminal Activities in the European Supply Chain

This session is intended to bring together experts and organizations involved with cargo security to discuss the challenges and threats posed to general cargo and non-Class 7 Dangerous Goods cargo.


Threats to Nuclear and Radioactive Material during Transport

This session is intended to promote awareness and dialogue on threats to Class 7 transports as well as chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive threats in Europe.


Emerging Threats to Transportation and Innovative Technological Solutions

  • The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Transport Security (potential topic)
  • GPS Challenges and Vulnerabilities
This session is intended to promote awareness and dialogue on threats, risks, and opportunities associated with emerging technologies.

International Guidelines and Regulation Development                                                   

  • IAEA’s Transport Security Implementation Program
  • Recent Regulatory Developments Support activities for Transport Security of Radioactive and Nuclear Materials
This session aims to increase awareness and understanding of initiatives undertaken by the IAEA, ENSRA, WNTI and other authorities on transport security regulatory issues for nuclear and other radioactive materials. This panel will address emerging technologies, enforcement/inspections, and regulatory implementation.

European Experience in Developing Transport Security Regulations

  • Various countries experiences in transport security regulatory development and implementation
  • Challenges, concerns and good practices will be explored.
Panelists will discuss possible gaps and areas of development for effective regulatory oversight for Class 7 transport in Europe.

Enhancing the Security of Nuclear and Radioactive Material during Transport

  • Transportation Security Measures – Best Practices for Enhancing Security
  • Security Culture, Insider Threat, and Information Security
Using a scenario based facilitated discussion, this session is intended to engage participants in a regional dialogue on strengthening the transport security regime. Topics include insider threats, real-world operational constraints, mission planning and coordination, and security culture.

Conducting International Transports                                             

  • Maritime
  • Aviation
  • Customs Clearance
  • Case Study: Jordan*
  • Case Study: Inland Waterway Transport
  • Enhancing Maritime Security

This session is intended to facilitate discussion on issues, challenges, and good practices with International Class 7 transports by discussing case studies of previous shipments.


Training and Sustainability within the Transport Security Regime                                                                               

  • Performance Evaluations
  • Transport Security Training Programs 
This session will explore how States and organizations can strengthen and sustain their transport security regimes by employing performance evaluations and formal instructional programs.

Promoting Transport Security Across the Region

  • Path ahead in strengthening the Transport Security Regimes in Europe
  • Closeout comments by:
    Mr. Art Atkins, NNSA, Director of the Office of Global Material Security; and
    Mrs. Irina Zidaru, General Director, Department for Strategic Affaires, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania.
The session will be a panel discussion on how regional partners can promote the efforts  in the field of Class 7 transport security across the region.  Topics for discussion include: challenges and mitigation options for enhancing the effectiveness of transport security regimes in Europe for Class 7 transport, synchronization vs. harmonization, and how different stakeholders in the region can work together to address growing threats and challenges.