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Block 1 Introduction Video


BLOCK I - Introduction to Transport Security in South America - The Current State of Affairs for Transport Security

This block should be viewed by participants on their own.  Please click the links below.

Target Audience: All participants

Session 1


BLOCK II - Threats to Radioactive and Nuclear Material During Transport

Target Audience: Regulators, Operators, Response Forces, and others with responsibilities for ensuring the security for nuclear and radioactive material during transport

Session 1

3 MARCH 2021

2.5 hours
  • Welcome – Mr. Art Atkins
  • NTI Radioactive Source Security Assessment - Ms. Samantha Neakrase
  • Colombian Source Consolidation Case Study - Mr. Juan Pablo Parra
  • Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security (ISCN), Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) - Ms. Naoko Noro
  •  Regional Transport Security Trends for Nuclear and Radioactive Material, Mr. Juan Pablo Parra

Session 2

10 MARCH 2021

2.5 hours
  • Identifying threats to nuclear and radioactive material during transport - Mr. Dave Duhamel
  • Insider Threats - Karen Kaldenbach

Session 3

17 MARCH 2021

2.5 hours
  • Cargo Theft – The impact of criminal activities in the South American Supply Chain - Mr. Bill Brunsdon
  • Preventing and Combatting Terrorism in Latin America - Mr. Gabriel Rico Meneses

Session 4

24 MARCH 2021

2.5 hours
  • Cyber Threats to Transportation and Innovative Technological Solutions - Mr. Pablo Moriano
  • TSTAR Overview and Demonstration - Mr. Mike Schultze
  • Mobile Source Transit Security System, PNNL - Erika Hunsicker
  • Applications of Emerging Technologies in in Transport Security of Radioactive and Nuclear Material - Mr. Jason Karcz

Session 5

7 APRIL 2021

2.5 hours
  • The Future of Transport Security in South America - Mr. Greg Phillips, and Mr. Bill Brunsdon
    • Malevolent actors, trends, resources, and the impact of political changes.

BLOCK III - Radioactive and Nuclear Material Movements

Target Audience: Regulators and Operators

Session 1

14 APRIL 2021

2.5 hours
  • • Colombian MME Regulation Development Process and Status - Mr. Juan Pablo Parra
    • IAEA assistance in developing Transport Security Regulations - Mr. David Ladsous
    • Challenges and Opportunities in Development of Transport Security Regulations for Nuclear and Other Radioactive Materials - Dr. Marc Fialkoff

Session 2

21 APRIL 2021

2.5 hours
  • Conducting transport operations, Mr. Mat King
    • Coordination with the State
    • Contingency Planning
    • Pre-Shipment Planning
    • Nuclear Fuel Shipments

Session 3

28 APRIL 2021

2.5 hours
  • Conducting international shipments - Mr. Greg Phillips
  • Maritime
  • Aviation
  • Customs Clearance
  • Enhancing Maritime Security - Dr. Marc Fialkoff

Session 4

5 MAY 2021

2.5 hours
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Sharing Threat Info with RM Operators - Mr. Craig Thompson
  • Information Security within the Transport Security Regime - Mr. Gary Smith

BLOCK IV - Preparing for Incidents

Target Audience: Regulators and Response Forces

Session 1

12 MAY 2021

2.5 hours
  • Enhancing the security of RM/NM during transport - Mr. Dave Duhamel, Mr. Greg Phillips, and Mr. Bill Brunsdon
    • Transportation Security Measures - Best Practices for Enhancing Security
    • Determining Acceptable versus Unacceptable Consequences

Session 2

19 MAY 2021

2.5 hours
  • Training and Sustainability
  • Identifying Needs and Implementing an Effective Training Program
  • Conducting Battleboard Exercises
  • Performance Evaluations

BLOCK V - Promoting Harmonization Across the Region

Target Audience: Participants from all previous sessions

Session 1

26 MAY 2021

2.5 hours
  • Challenges in developing and implementing an effective transport security regime
  • What are the barriers?
  • How can barriers be overcome?
  • Transport security regulations
  • Next steps

Session 2

2 JUNE 2021

2.5 hours

Promoting Gender Parity in Nuclear Security (English) (Spanish)

  • Opening Remarks, Ms. Kasia Mendelsohn, NNSA
  • Advancing Gender Parity in Nuclear Security, Mr. Lars van Dassen, WINS
  • Promoting Gender Equality in the Nuclear Sector in Latin America, Ms. Abadía, MME Colombia; Ms. Melina Belinko, WiN Arcal Global Vice-President; and Ms. Raquel Scamilla Aledo, IAEA
  • Strategies for Empowering Women for Success and Growth, Ms. Lindsey Gehrig and Ms. Kathleen Doty, PNNL